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“I am passionate about developing emerging leaders and creating lasting change!”- Quis

I am passionate about helping others seize their inner leader. Make your next educational event more than just a getaway. Bring your staff, team, and leaders to the next level with my no-holds-barred, honest and relevant keynotes that will encourage, enliven, and elevate each individual in their personal and professional lives. My dynamic and unique style connects deeply with audiences in fresh and memorable ways—where most speakers bring a message that lasts a day, My words will be ringing in your team’s ears long after the conference doors close.

Educational Leadership Topics | Every facet of life centers around relationships

The Power of One

Become A Person Of Influence

There is strength in numbers.  For us as educators, numbers mean nothing if there is no unity among staff.  Our students receive the best education and life skill information when they are able to see, hear, and experience staff members working as ONE unit to give consistency, expectations, and boundaries within a program or building.  This is how positive growth happens for everyone involved.   


Embracing the "Power of One" is not only for the students growth, but for ours as well!

Note:  There will be a paper/printing charge for handouts.

Kindness Awareness | Striving to create a kinder community

Wobbly Willie’s Kindness Program 


An amazing program that can be personalized to excite and unite every child in your building about being kind and embracing the uniqueness in others.  Wobbly Willie Cranford, the ambassador for kindness, and his team will walk around your school visiting classrooms with big smiles. The goal of the team is to promote kindness, to share Willie’s stories, conduct leadership and kindness activities, and encouraging all children that kindness matters.


Books:  $10.00 a piece

Curriculum guide:  $25.00 per guide

Personal Growth | Personal accountability will push you through

Impact Player or Impact Person

Leadership Matters


Gentlemen for Life | Gain knowledge and skills for a brighter future

Age Range:    7th grade through college

A six week program designed to help young men explore, observe, and recognize the value of being a gentlemen, through meaningful conversations, mentorship, community service, and personal growth.  


The goal is to have young men embrace the mentality it takes to be a gentleman on a consistent basis and to understand the influence they can have.  We would like to mentor young men to develop and refine their leadership skills while teaching them soft skill principles (interpersonal skills, communicating effectively, critical thinking, flexibility and adaptability, self-motivation, responsibility, etc.)


The purpose of this learning experience is to raise awareness, gain knowledge, and develop skills to become a Gentleman for Life!


​Available for purchase:   

Participant Booklet  $20.00 a piece  

Instruction Manual includes  35.00 a piece

Training for Manual is available also

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