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I have achieved and still in pursuit of every dream I set my mind to, including graduating from college, becoming a principal, driving across the country, learning many hobbies, traveling to out the country, falling deeply in love, creating a beautiful family, and identifying my life purpose, to name but a few.


With over 40 yrs experience in the educational industry. I am just as passionate today, as I was my first day about developing tomorrow’s personal and professional leaders.  If we want a different result we must be willing to first take a different action.  With the near epidemic proportions of unhappy employees, the need for personal and professional integration has never been more imminent.  Note that I didn’t say work/life balance; I believe such a thing is both impossible and undesirable for we spend a disproportionate amount of our time working. Instead, the goal is to integrate all aspects of life so we thrive at our careers & our personal lives equally as well, where we aren’t leaving a part of us behind as we spend our days at work wishing we were somewhere else… anywhere else; or trying to be home with our children while distracted by the things not getting done at work.  Instead of balance, it’s the power of presence we seek.

“I am passionate about developing emerging leaders and creating lasting change”

Richard Quisenberry

Richard Quisenberry

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